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Reggio Emilia railway station

Just by the topic alone, I knew I was going to really, really like it. Then I read it. And bozhe moi my god , I loved it. I majored in Russian language and literature and I was, and still am, absolutely, completely unaware of the delicious treasures in these stories. He returned with the ways and means to give the Soviet citizenry the hamburger; American hamburger grills were purchased and installed in major Soviet cities, enough to turn out 2 million orders a day.

But when WWII happened, the bun got lost in the shuffle.

The main drag of Modena is the Via Emilia, an ancient Roman road stretching southeast to northwest across Emilia- Romagna from Rimini, on the Adriatic Coast, to Piacenza.

There are few experiences in life that can rival the sheer pleasure and excitement women feel when shopping for shoes at Fendi and Prada in Italy. Glancing at the shelves of possibilities, their eyes light up and their hearts flutter like that first time they fell in love. Italian High Heels and Fishnet Stockings Owning entire closets full of shoes may seem frivolous and superficial, but in reality women are merely paying homage to the bricklayers of our modern civilization.

Shoes are one of the oldest inventions of our primitive ancestors. They were first created with a piece of hide or plaited grass to protect feet from sharp rocks and rugged terrain. Most people know that fashion trends are cyclical. But you might be surprised to learn that most of the shoe styles that are seen gliding down the runways in Milan and Paris have a long and fascinating history of several hundred or even thousands of years behind them.

One mystery to men is why women would voluntarily torture their toes with pointy toed shoes or high heels, yet these continue to be the most popular styles for dress shoes today. They make the legs look long and shapely, tuck in the tummy, lift the bottom, make hips sway. They make a woman look sexy and confident. What more can one want of a fashion accessory?

So fashion today just trumps comfort, not unlike the medieval period of Europe, when extravagance was more sought after than practicality.

Emilia Romagna

Un tunnel qui semble interminablement long Are you a true Italian food lover? I just love this place!

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Nonetheless the main street of the city centre, Via Roma, was built during the Fascist era from to as an example of Italian Rationalism , replacing former buildings already present in this area. These blocks were built into a reticular system, composed by austere buildings in clear rationalist style, such as the impressive Hotel Principi di Piemonte and the former Hotel Nazionale in Piazza CLN.

Porches are built in a continuous entablature and marked with double columns, to be consistent with those of Piazza San Carlo. The section of the street between Piazza San Carlo and Piazza Castello was built in eclectic style, with arcades characterised by Serliana -type arches. To this day Via Roma is the street featuring the most fashionable boutiques of the city. Via Roma crosses one of the main squares of the city: On the northern edge of Via Roma stands Piazza Castello, regarded as the heart of the city.

The half-pedestrianized square hosts some significant buildings such as Palazzo Reale Former Savoy Royal House , the Palazzo Madama which previously hosted the Savoy senate and, for few years, the Italian senate after Italian unification , the former Baroque Teatro Regio di Torino rebuilt in modern style in the s, after being destroyed by fire and the Royal Library of Turin which hosts the Leonardo da Vinci self-portrait.

Moreover, Piazza Castello hosts a Fascist era building, the Torre Littoria , a sort of skyscraper which was supposed to become the headquarters of the Fascist party, although it never served as such.


We chose a local coach firm, largely to experience this aspect of Italian traditional life. It traverses the mountain range almost entirely through tunnels and has cut the journey time from Florence to Bologna by almost an hour. Luckily the old autostrada route has been kept for more scenic travel. We then travelled through the lush Emilia-Romagna lands with their rows of San Giovese grapevines and dramatic cloud formations.

Our first stop was Ravenna which should by all rights deserve at least a couple of days to visit decently.

Bergamo’s unique feature is that it has 2 city centres: the modern lower town (Città Bassa) and the stunning upper town (Città Alta), a picturesque hilltop dating back to Medieval times and surrounded by the impressive defensive walls.

History[ edit ] The Porrettana line was opened across the Apennines between Bologna and Florence via Pistoia and Prato in November to connect the trunk railway of the Po Valley the Milan—Bologna and the Bologna—Ancona railways , completed in with the railways of Tuscany. Florence was finally connected by rail with Rome via Perugia in The Porrettana line was immediately successful but while it was a significant engineering achievement it soon became clear that it was inadequate to cater for the traffic attempting to use it.

In particular, it was a single track line, with steep gradients and its Apennine tunnel was built on a steep slope causing climbing steam trains to generate suffocating smoke, even when extra ventilation shafts and fans were eventually installed. Various projects for additional crossings of the Apennines were developed, and the Pontremolese line was opened in between La Spezia and Parma providing an alternative route from Rome to Milan.

The Faentina line was opened in from Florence to Faenza as another alternative route. However these lines suffered from the same basic problem:

How to get from San Marino to Ravenna by bus, train, bus and ferry or car

Piadina is offered by over two-thousand kiosks in Romagna, which sell it filled in a million different ways. Cooking Classes Several cooking courses are available for those not simply satisfied with tasting, who would literally like to get their hands in the dough. The Mariette Association at Casa Artusi in Forlimpopoli offers home cooking courses which are closely connected with tradition in Emilia Romagna. This Association was founded in memory of Marietta Sabatini, who was a legendary cook for Pellegrino Artusi.

Emilia Romagna is also the land of speed, sports and engines. In Maranello and Modena for example, speed lovers can visit the Ferrari Museums and admire the most prestigious cars of this famous car manufacturer, its trophies and symbols that made it famous worldwide.

Cabrio Detailed hi-res maps of Bologna for download or print The actual dimensions of the Bologna map are X pixels, file size in bytes – You can open this downloadable and printable map of Bologna by clicking on the map itself or via this link: Statistics show that the Roman metro carries an average of more than 3 million passengers daily. The quality of the subway is also at a very high level, equipped with all necessary security measures, paying great attention to the comfort of passengers waiting and traveling by metro.

The railway infrastructure is also at a very high level. The total length of railways is more than 15, kilometers. Of this number, about 1, kilometers are high-speed tracks. It should be noted that all the large cities are connected by direct rail routes. If you plan a trip to a remote province, then, most likely, transfers during the trip cannot be avoided.

The government pays much attention to the safety of movement along the railway track. Therefore, all local electric trains and long-distance trains are serviceable and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable transport of passengers.

Sketching Naples

But there’s a whole other world of Italian expertise stretching far beyond the nation’s traditional strengths. High quantity and high quality reign as well in sectors like information technology, aerospace, and life sciences, as well as chemicals, nanotechnology, and precision packaging. Invest in Italy, in fact, has singled out all those sectors along with tourism as key targets for foreign direct investment FDI.

Italy: municipalities improving online services in Emilia-Romagna , by method Premium Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data (partially from exclusive partnerships).

This is an ideal region for a rural escape, with exceptionally good food, enriching rural views and some extremely beautiful towns and cities. Our Guru’s picks for the best places to stay in Emilia Romagna includes a fantastically varied range of accommodation, from charming but inexpensive farmhouses-turned-argiturismos to minimalist hotels owned and designed by fashion houses, and luxuriously converted hunting lodges to five star beach hotels.

Obviously the food is a huge draw for Emilia Romagna, but the countryside is impossible to export, and is less well known. We all know Tuscany is beautiful, but the Tuscan Romagna region, roughly between Florence and Forli is one of the most unspoiled partsof Italy with some wonderfully peaceful hilltop villages and the Parco del Casentino, one of the most important woodland reserves in the Appennine Mountains.

What Not to Miss – and where to stay City break opportunities Parma with its food, fashion, beautiful old cobbled streets and dramatic architecture is a great city break option. Most of Parma’s highlights are within a leisurely walking distance of the centre of town, with just a little more effort required to reach the attractions on the far side of the river. You’ll find cycling is popular, so join in if you fancy. Otherwise just admire the attitude of folk who’ll cycle in Prada.

Modena and Bologna are also good possibilities, Bologna with its artistic centre and its beautiful towers and porticoes, and Modena for its medieval and renaissance architecture and World Heritage Listed centre.


Sacred sites and medieval villages, lavish churches, and scenery imitating art, the ambiance of Italy derives from a fantastical culture basking in the daily revelries of life, from a simple sip of espresso to the aromas of a slow cooking stew. Playful baroque fountains grace the public piazzas of Rome, and elegant statuary adorns the nave of the Sansevero Chapel in Naples.

The trails of the past take you past the Roman empire to the Greek settlements of Southern Italy and Sicily or along the famous pilgrimage route of Via Francigena, which connected France to Rome during Medieval times.

Reggio Emilia railway station Reggio Emilia (Italian: Stazione di Reggio Emilia) is a railway station serving the city of Reggio Emilia, in the region of Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. The station opened in and is located on the Milan–Bologna railway, Reggio Emilia–Ciano d’Enza railway, Reggio Emilia–Guastalla railway and.

Pin When heading to Northern Italy, Milan is a perfect place to base yourself. As such, it is packed with historical things to do including plenty of university museums , and a covered bridge that finds its roots in medieval times. The easiest way to get to Pavia is by train. Best things to do in Pavia, a stunning university town in Lombardy. The best way to reach Padua is by a train which takes just under two hours.

Get up earlier in the day to make the most of your time in the city.

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